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HDLoader for Playstation 2

Here the various questions frequently asked about the HD LOADER

1/ Can one put a copy of a video game in the reader of Ps2 in order to copy it from the hard disk?
Impossible if you do not have a chip installed in your Ps2 because the console will not be able to read CD or the DVD

2/ Can one connect Ps2 on the network to directly send the plays the computer towards the game console?
Not, it is necessary to pass by HDloader.

3/ Once HDloader installed, does one need CD?
Yes, it should be put to be able to reach the menu, therefore with the hard disk and the plays which are above

4/ What hard disk drive would you recommend for use with HDLOADER ?
If you want to take the safe path, get an official Sony internal hard disk drive. These are guaranteed to work - but the capacity of the Sony drives is fixed to 40gb. If you want a larger drive capable of storing more games then we recommend that you purchase a 80 or 120 gigabyte Maxtor hard disk drive. Please keep in mind that this is only a recommendation and we cannot take any liability if you purchase a drive which is incompatible with HDLoader. Please do not email us asking if a specific HDD is supported. Obviously we cannot tell you for sure since we do not have access to every model of HDD - but we can tell you that just about all which meet the requirement of 40GB capacity are supported. This link will redirected you on a list of compatibilities on http://ps2drives.x-pec.com .

5/ Is it possible to make a backup of a Playstation video game ?
Not, HDloader functions only with the Playstation2 videos games

6/ Is the HDLOADER compatible with all games?
No, certain videos games are not compatible (fortunately they are rare; to see the heading "videos games uncompatible with HDloader")

7/ What PS2 models will HDLoader work with?
HDLoader will currently work with all PS2's except for the first three Japanese models: SCPH 10000, SCPH 15000 and SCPH 18000.

8/ What are the maximum and minimum hard disk drive sizes supported by HDLoader ?
The maximum hard disk drive size supported by HDLoader is 120gb, and the minimum size is 40gb. If you use a HDD with a capacity larger than 120GB (ie: 160GB, 200GB) then only the first 137GB will be useable.

9/ Do I need to be connected to the internet to use HDLoader? Is this why a network adapter is required?
No, you do not need to be connected to the internet to use HDLoader. The network adapter is only required because it is used to physically connect a HDD to your PS2.

10/ How many games can I store on my HDD?
This depends on both the size of your games and the size of your HDD. Lets assume that you have a 120GB HDD and the average size of your games is 2GB. 120GB / 2GB = 60 games

11/ Can I use an external HDD, such as one connected via USB">Can I use an external HDD, such as one connected via USB?
No, and external HDD's are not likely to ever be supported as the transfer speed would be too slow to make it worthwhile.

12 / Do I need to format my HDD before use with HDLoader?
No. HDLoader requires the HDD to be formatted with the proprietary PS2 format (APA), and HDLoader will format the HDD for you if necessary. If you have already formatted your HDD with another PS2 utility such as the HDD utility disk then you will not need to format it again.

13 / Can I use a cheat device such as Action Replay or Gameshark with HDLoader?
No, unfortunately this is not possible at this time.

14 /Can I use HDLoader to store my saved games on the HDD?
No, this is not currently possible.

15 / Can I still use my memory card to store gaved game data?

16 / Can I use HDLoader to play my games online?
You can play any games which do NOT use DNAS online. The DNAS check will fail when HDLoader is used, so it is not possible to play DNAS enabled games online using HDLoader.

17 / Do I need a modified Playstation 2 (with a modchip) in order to use HDLoader?
No - HDLoader is provided as a pressed, bootable Playstation 2 disc. No modifications are required.

18 / Can one make a copy of HDloader?
No, because Ps2 checks the CD/DVD; if it is not in conformity it could not be read in the console.

19/ Where can I purchase HDLoader?
You will not have answer to this question

The following games are known to be incompatible with HDLoader:

  • Amplitude
  • ATV Quad Power Racing 2
  • Karaoké Révolution
  • MLB 2005
  • MX 2002: Featuring Ricky Carmichael
  • Peter Pan: The Legend of Neverland
  • Ratchet & Clank
  • Samurai Warriors
  • Soul Calibur 2
  • Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3
  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

The HD Loader is withdrawn of the sale at the request of Sony
These pages is left only to show that the PS2 also can manage a hard disk

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