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HDLoader for Playstation 2
Utility of storage of videos games
on the hard disk of the PS2

hd loader

The ultimate alternative to the Playstation 2™ Mod Chip has arrived. Utilizing exciting new technology to eliminate the need for a Mod Chip, HDLoader allows you to install and run your Playstation 2™ games directly from a hard disk drive connected to your console (Sony PS2 Network adapter™ and compatible hard disk drive required).


  • HD = Hard Disk
  • Loader = from "to load"

The HD Loader is delivered:

  • in a plastic case

  • with note in several languages including French

To be used, you must have:

  • a modem adapter for the hard drive
  • a hard disk from 40Gb to 120Gb or the official Sony hard disk

HDLoader left to France on June 24, 2004 (PAL version),
version NTSC having left approximately 3 weeks earlier

The HD Loader is withdrawn of the sale at the request of Sony
These pages is left only to show that the PS2 also can manage a hard disk

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